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Humble Garden Podcast Episode 4

Posted by Nika On December - 15 - 2010


(our extremely humble goat shed – we cobble together what we can, we dont Martha Stewart it)

On today’s podcast I cover how we observe and more importantly, interact with our animals in ways to integrate them more tightly into our homestead.

Please take a few minutes to listen and also to give me feedback, comments, or share what you do or how you listen and interact with your animals!

I referred to the following photos.

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  1. Tami Bach says:

    Awesome info!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I am asking myself similar questions. We have a large garden not sure of the size exactly but also last spring introduced chickens and goats to the yard. We put our goat area in a spot in the yard that had not yet been landscaped. Now that winter is coming to a close I am pondering the thought of moving the goat area before we begin our garden plans. The reasons I want to move is because the goat area is at the lowest level and seemed to be too wet when the snow melted or we got lots of rain. Do you think moving it is a good idea or bringing in rock or dirt to increase the level so the water drains out of the goat area. We also need to make changes because our goat will kid in March sometime and we will have to separate the buck from the mom and babies. Does run off of animals come into planning location of animals? We have chickens on the west side of the garden about a 10x 22 chicken run with large coop inside run along with a few sticks used for perching which they love to use even just after snowy days to my surprise. I was thinking of putting the buck over by there with about a 10×22 area just north of the chicken run? And maybe adding rock or dirt to the other goat area. Not sure if this makes much sense to you but if it does your ideas would be very helpful!!

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