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Posted by Nika On February - 7 - 2010

If you would like to donate to PermaCorps for Haiti please use this donation button:

I am gathering contact information for people who are interested in being involved in the PermaCorps first and second responders in Haiti in response to the earthquake (see this post for some details One Helltastic Week: Haiti and Permaculture First Responders, more links to come)

Please visit the PermaCorps International Volunteer page for a form to submit your information!

Some of you will be coming here from twitter to join our social media campaign – please be certain to include your twitter ID as well as your facebook info if you are interested in reaching out that way as well.

I will be fleshing out in greater depth what the social media campaign will look like but for now, know that you will be amplifying messages calling out for volunteers, material – time – and monetary contributions, logistics help, and also news abotu what the PermaCorps are doing on the ground!

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