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Make your (garden) bed

Posted by Nika On May - 30 - 2008

Humble Garden 2008: planting and rigging the irrigation

I mentioned previously that I was going to use landscaping fabric to keep down weeds and manage water loss. I am ALMOST done with the planting and transplanting.

Humble Garden 2008: planting and rigging the irrigation

I thought I would share what the beds look like now. I am putting in a weeping hose system that I have cut to length. Its not done yet as I need to get some regular 1/2 inch tubing to span the gap between the beds.

Humble Garden 2008: planting and rigging the irrigation

My going back to work full time resulted in our indoor started plants being VERY meek. The other day, when we were shopping at the farm supply store in Spencer, MA called Klems, I bought some of their conventionally grown plants for transplant. Such is life.

Humble Garden 2008: planting and rigging the irrigation

The process is: I lay out the soaker hose, I cut holes where I want the plants, I dig out the soil, plant the little guys deep (in the case of the tomatoes), cover, and then water in.

Humble Garden 2008: planting and rigging the irrigation

Some weeds grow under the brown paper fabric but not many and they are not hard to pull.

Our carrots are growing as are our beets. I will be finishing the main beds this weekend and then the squash (to be allowed to vine throughout the blueberry patch behind the main bed area).

I will write soon about the latest additions to our animal menagerie. I can say that we are closer to my personal dream of getting the jersey cow .. cant wait to make butter and cream! Pigs will come after that.

Humble Garden 2008: planting and rigging the irrigation

4 Responses to “Make your (garden) bed”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Landscape fabric is my new best friend! I’ll be using it much more liberally next year as it has kept down weeds in several of our beds. I love puttering about the garden, but I HATE to weed…and it often shows. :-/

  2. Heidi says:


    These look great! A lot of work, and won’t the rewards be worth it in a month or so? And nothing wrong with having to buy seedlings to supplement small failures in our own sowing. it’s just sad when those lofty goals we set up for ourselves in the beginning don’t pan out. If everything I sowed had come to fruition, I probably would have only spent money on soil amendments! Oh, well. Such is life! At least we can support local growers regardless.

    Enjoy and happy growing.

  3. Nika says:

    Stephanie: Yeah weeds are very frustrating. When I look at them I dont really see them as ugly but as sapping the fertility and water out of the soil and also when I see them go to seed its almost like they are radioactive! Those seeds have to be disposed of carefully!

  4. Nika says:

    Heidi: wise words! The only thing that is not doing well in the garden are the darn bell peppers :-(. Also, the spinach is bolting and its not even been that hot, darn things.

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