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Posted by Nika On May - 21 - 2008

KD giving the kids hugs

(KD hugging Maize)

Our goats now have a much more substantial fence and area to roam in. I estimate that they have about 20,000 square feet for their pen. Their area is filled with wild blueberry bushes (which we are awash in).

We have also adopted 5 more kids bringing the total goat herd size up to 8. This is sort of scary to me but its something the family seemed to want. Deep Breaths. Why scary? We have to feed these girls and then I will have to be the midwife sometime next spring. I have midwifed cats and dogs in the past but goats kidding out twins, yikes.

Gonna have to read up.

Torte - Grand Dame

(Torte, the Grand Dame of the herd)

Torte is our only milking doe at the moment but she has a really good output right now (over a gallon a day).

A few more goats


Sometimes Torte will headbutt twerpy kids who get in her way but she is very calm and patient. Sometimes, they will all break into a leapy gallop and fly from one far flung end of the pen to another.

Goats eating leaves

(Goats eat leaves)

The kids and doe will walk about, nibble leaves, branches, bushes.

Goats: millet


This kid is called Millet.

All the kids have grain names, including:

  • Wheat
  • Millet
  • Amaranth
  • Maize
  • Oat
  • Spelt
  • Rye

Some of them are Torte’s babies, some come from a goat called “America”, some from another goat called “Midnight”.

Kids nursing

(Feeding chaos)

Feeding 7 kids is chaos incarnate. Ed, Q and KD have to corral and manage the various kids and Torte (who wants to get in on whatever is happening) so that each kid is fed for certain.

Q and KD managing the kids for who gets fed next

(Controlling kids)

Kids nursing

(Kids close up)

They are noisy kids but every single one of them is as sweet as they can be!

Kids nursing

(Kids nursing)

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