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Posted by Nika On March - 30 - 2008



I hope that your indoor garden is sprouting up a storm!

We have been starting things like tomatoes and eggplants and onions and today we will seed out herbs.

A while back I found a link that showed people starting corn indoors so we have been giving it a try.

Giant corn sprouts

(Giant corn sprouts)

(Bitten a bit by our cats, I think we got it in time tho)

These are not your normal corn. No, these are Giant Corn which will, supposedly, reach over 12 feet high. They are seed corn and not meant to be eaten by humans. The chickens will LOVE it.

I planted a tray of mesclun lettuces so that we can start having some salad even before mid May which is when we can start planting in the garden outside.


(Sprouting mesclun)

We have some other news but I will share that a bit later in the week.

Share how your indoor starts are doing!

4 Responses to “Sproutastic”

  1. Heidi says:

    Ooo, I’m very jealous of your sprouts. I’ll be starting my seedlings soon. It’s just still too cold outside, so not sure when I’ll be able to move things out into the greenhouse at this point. We just have so much snow yet here in Maine.

    I’ve never heard of starting corn indoors. I’ll be curious to know how it goes.

    Happy Growing!

  2. Nika says:

    Heidi: cold greenhouses work in Maine – they were sorta pioneered there!

    Thankfully we do not still have snowpack but that could change in a second (crazy New England weather :-)

    Happy growing to you too!

  3. Erika says:

    Look at those sprouts! I’m jealous! Last weekend we started tomatoes, but that’s about it so far. I have received all of my seed orders, and every day I just look at the packets and smile, trying to be patient. Our last frost date is May 15, but I don’t know if I’ll wait that long. In the meantime though, we’re looking at adding a bed this year, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to maximize my garden space. I want to try and pull off a late fall garden this year to try some cool-weather crops like radicchio and kale. We’ll see. It’s all dreaming at this point. :-)

  4. Nika says:

    Erika: I know that seed-yearning feeling! Its so darn cold and wet here, *sighs* cant wait for the garden to grow because food is getting more expensive and gas is literally sucking our accounts dry.

    I like to plant mesclun throughout the summer.. the best .. and my spinach lasted ALL winter, crazy things. They were eaten to nubs by the chickens, I hope they come back soon.

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