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Germinating dicots

Posted by Nika On May - 31 - 2007

Things are sprouting in the first raised bed. In the shot above, you see a sprouting melon.

Here are some tiny broccoli plants. All of these will be thinned down to the best plants (ok, best guess in the best plant). Next planting spree I will be planting only one seed, I dont think I need to plant many and then thin, seems like a waste with such a high germination rate.

Here the radishes are on their first set of leaves. Growing like gangbusters.

Here is a comparison on the mesclun lettuce. The one on the left is 5-27-07. The right is 5-31-07.

Planted our store bought non-organic tomatoes. You can not see the cage around it in this shot.

Leaf from a pimento pepper plant.

Rows of sprouting collard greens.

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