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Ye olde soil blocker

Posted by Nika On February - 16 - 2009

Manna Contest shots: 100mm

I just thought I would share a few shots of some of the things we are doing around here. Its all really low key and a lot of planning and dreaming – not too scintillating :-)

I bought a soil blocker doodad from Johnny’s seeds and have been using it to make seed starts indoors.

small soil blocker

small soil blocker

small soil blocker

You pack the form with starting soil and then plop it down in trays like below. I will be the first to say these are the not the most beautiful soil blocks!

soil blocks

I let KD (6 yo and headstrong) help with some of the seeding, here you can see that she put quite a few basil seeds into a tiny bit of soil!

Sprouts gone bad

Sprouts gone bad

I have also been growing mesclun indoors simply for the green and to eat long before the beds thaw enough for planting :-)

Mesclun sprouts

3 Responses to “Ye olde soil blocker”

  1. Heidi says:

    Well, it may not be scintillating, but at least you’re getting to play in the soil! Glad to see you picked up one of the soil blockers. I hope they work out for you. I haven’t picked one up myself, mostly because I’m pretty small scale, but I’ve seen them in action up at the farm and they’re excellent tools

    Think spring!

  2. Nika says:

    Heidi: I love it.. I just need to get some of these transplanted up to larger sizes now that they are growing like crazy. I would love to see that farm!

  3. Pam says:

    Oh, I was looking at getting one of those! I’m glad it works for you. I decided to go the newspaper pot route, we’ll see how that works for me.

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