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Breaking out the seeds

Posted by Nika On May - 18 - 2008

Humble Garden 2008: before planting

(before planting, all fabric is down)

This year, owning to the fact that I am back at work full time, I am pre-empting weeds and hopefully watering issues by laying down landscaping fabric before planting the beds.

Humble Garden: transplants

(indoor starts)

Once the fabric is down I then go back and use an eXacto knife to cut open little windows through which I plant the seeds.

8x8 bed

(8’x8′ bed)

Perhaps there is a better way to do this but one advantage to doing this (at least it seems that way right now) is that I can write on the fabric with a sharpie what was planted where.

As with any idea, I may be cursing the day I put this stuff down in the fall. For now, it seems like a good idea.

The sweet onions are already peeking out.

onions peaking up

(Onion greens)

Our spearmint, marjoram, and parsley came back really vigorously early this spring. I dug up the marjoram and parsley and transplanted them all to one end of a bed and they didnt seem to mind it one bit!

spearmint, majoram, parsley

(Overwintered herbs)

I am going to be doing the same with the tomatoes. In the case of the tomatoes though I will also be putting down some red plastic and then hang some strips of mylar (to flutter vertically amongst the tomato vines) to discourage aphids. I read on the web (can’t remember where now) that foil upsets the aphids. I am going to guess that it seems like the sun has come out UNDER the leaves and so they move away from the sunny under-leaves to find that the other side of the leaf is also sunny and then they are encouraged to move on. Last year the only plants that I had aphid issues with was corn (and HOW).

This year, any aphid-phylic plant will get mylar streamers. (I will leave one or two plants mylar-free to be my scientific null control)

I have only just begun to plant the beds.. it’s a long process and when I get home at night, I can never seem to summon the strength to get a whole lot done :-/.

Must butch it up!

for the vines

(Pup tent for climbing vines)

for the vines

(Used chicken wire and recycled cedar sticks)

Another thing I need to get done ASAP is build the netting “pup tents” for the vining crops (which have yet to be planted as well).

Garden Project: the map for the first two beds

(Written map I used to plot out plantings, later put it into electronic form, see below)

Once I can get a few minutes (hours) free, I will do up my planting diagrams for this year and then post them here.

Garden Project: Bed 5 map

(Electronic copy for one of the beds with crop details)

I will also be doing some more video of the 2008 Humble Garden over time to show how things progress. Looking back at last year’s I realize how much a gift to myself it was to record that beauteous riot!

I apologize for my cheesy voice over :-)

2 Responses to “Breaking out the seeds”

  1. Heidi says:

    What an impressive garden plot and very clever to write what is planted on the fabric with a sharpie! Perhaps they should package those with the fabric. LOL Let’s hope we get some warmer temps now here in the north east so things will kick in and GROW!

    I’ll check out your video later when I get home. They have started blocking online video and radio from work now. :-( I couldn’t even access my own blog until I had to ask for permission.

    Isn’t MyFolia terrific? I have linked to your blog on my blog…I hope that’s okay?

    Happy growing,

  2. Nika says:

    Heidi: Yeah, if I could just a get a penny for every garden idea! :-)

    My cool weather crops are sprouting (peas and onions and asparagus) .. I could not stand it. I went ahead and planted some corn tho I fear the soil is not warm enough.

    I want to plant more grape vines .. and and .. yikes so much to do. I need to find someone who is giving away grape vines cuz I just dont have the funds for all the little things I want to get going.

    My workplace hasnt started blocking that but I wouldnt be surprised if they did. One guy here seems to be always watching people playing with guitars on youtube .. sorta wierd huh? Its amazing that they were ableto block your blog too, must be a pretty tough place! :-)

    I do like MyFolia .. pretty nice looking .. I just do not have the time to input all the stuff I am growing! Will try but am trying to focus on this blog before that. I barely have time to do this one and my food blog.

    You are most certainly welcome to link! Will do the same.

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