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Recent fall plantings yielding goodness

Posted by Nika On October - 3 - 2007

As I mentioned obliquely before, perhaps in the comments only, my vine crops were hit with a double whammy of powdery mildew and then 6 weeks of drought. No amount of spraying milk helped so I pulled out the spaghetti squash, the watermelons, the zucchinis, the scallopini squash, and then my poor little moon and stars which also got the mildew.

I just had to pull out the turnips because they started to mildew as well and they were also heavily fed on earlier by bugs.

This is what I got, tiny stunted things.

Garden Project: failed turnips, yummy tomatoes and dried cranberry beans

But you can see we are still getting tomatoes and now some of the cranberry beans are drying up very nicely! I am very much looking forward to those bean crops.

Garden Project: drying beans

I have planted spinach, beets, and green onions where the squash and zucchini once were.

Garden Project: fall spinach

I also planted some bibb lettuce some weeks ago.

Garden Project: fall bibb lettuces

Some delicious braising chards and such were planted some time ago but the baby bok choy have been eaten to bits.

Garden Project: woeful baby bok choy

I will grow the bok choy again but under row covers for certain!

2 Responses to “Recent fall plantings yielding goodness”

  1. Erika says:

    Oh how sad. The drought-like weather really brought out the bugs here too. I lost my butternut squash to…well, something.

    I don’t know why, but it never occured to me to grow bean varieties that you normally buy dried. That sounds awesome to me! Can I ask where you’ve gotten your seed?

  2. Nika says:

    Sorry about your squash :-(

    I got my seed mostly from Seeds of Change ( and a lot of the beans from Victory Seeds (

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