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Posted by Nika On May - 13 - 2007

We live on 16 acres and have, until now, been very light on the land. We built our house 11 years ago and have not done anything else with the land. We have always looked out the back windows and wondered when we might begin to make a garden and a kid-safe play area.

I have tried gardening the soil and the forest floor is completely unarable. If you try to even dig a small hole, the roots make the ground like iron. We also have extensive ledge that makes it hard to do much of anything but build raised beds.

In this post, I am going to show you some images of what the land looked like just after the tractor guys cleared the brush and began to ready the ground (bringing in fill, pulling stumps, etc) for the day the loam arrives.

This is what it looked like when they started to scrape away the forest floor.

We built the wood shed. Next to that we will be building the shack for the generator and then across from it the chicken/quail house/fenced in yard (we have wicked predators).

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